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No (Mc)Crosson 

Madeline McCrosson Photo credit: Katie Wilson

A freshman season with little playing time to a powerhouse on the field sophomore year— Madeline McCrosson is letting everyone know she is here and ready to get the job done. 

McCrosson spent most of her freshman season on the bench. However, when senior goalkeeper Kayla Osborne graduated last year, she earned her role as starting goalkeeper for the Brockport women’s soccer team during the post season.   

“Kayla Osborne was unreal in net. So, I didn’t have much playing time last year,” McCrosson said. “I knew coming into this season I didn’t want to be the starting goalkeeper because I’m the oldest and we’re just waiting for one of the freshmen to step up. I wanted to be the starting goalkeeper because I was the best and only choice for it.”  

Head Coach Mike Idland recognizes McCrosson’s growth and applauds her work ethic as she continues to show up for the team.  

“Maddy is dramatically improved in every aspect of the position compared to her freshman year. She’s always been eager to train and put in a lot of work in that process last year. So, I was very happy for her, and for us, when it became clear that she had taken such a big step forward and was now ready for the job,” Idland said.   

McCrosson admires Idland as a coach and seeks his advice as a former player. As she majors in early childhood education, she sees herself coaching soccer one day and hopes to learn from him.  

“He is kind of a huge role model to me. It’s like what my life as a coach would look like because he had that experience as a goalkeeper and then was able to step in and coach at such a high level,” McCrosson said. 

Senior captain Karlie Mann has seen McCrosson’s dedication to the team. She thinks McCrosson is just getting started and will continue to be a standout player.  

“I can’t explain her without using the word dedicated. I wholeheartedly believe she has been so successful this year because of the relationships she has been able to create. Our teammates trust Maddy no matter the shot she is faced with, and she always has our back,” Mann said. “I’ve had the privilege to watch Maddy go from not really seeing the field to being able to receive recognition from not only the team but the entire conference. Throughout the entire season she has stayed humble, she continues to buy into the process and will never fail to give credit to the defenders in front of her.” 

Although McCrossin built those relationships and was ready to get on the field, she was nervous heading into the season. Between playing Skidmore and St. John Fisher, there was a turning point.   

Photo credit: Jen Reagan

“I was like, okay, I can hold my own. My confidence kind of went up to a point that I was like still nervous to step foot on the field, but I knew that I could fair out there, and I wouldn’t get blown out,” McCrosson said. 

McCrosson has been a standout player ranked first among the SUNYAC goalies and 10th in the country in save percentage (0.935). The Golden Eagles have an impressive roster with standout players stacked on offense and defense; like forward Jaylah Crossin who is second in the SUNYAC in goals, assists and points, and Mann who has contributed to the defense’s dominant play.   

Mann’s last season is coming to an end, but she believes being a part of this team is the perfect way to go out.   

“Having my teammates to look at when we are having a hard game or practice makes everything so worth it and I definitely wouldn’t want to play one last year with a different group of girls,” Mann said.   

This year’s team has a family bond driving them to the top of the conference. Their ability to have fun with one another while taking over on the field is a skill they have mastered.  

Photo credit: Katie Wilson

“If you look around practice, everyone’s always goofing around having a good time. We’re definitely very similar people and all of us get along which is crazy for a team of 31 girls,” McCrosson said. “Everyone’s always just supportive of the people in front of them and behind them and I think that’s what makes us a really close-knit team that plays well together.”   

McCrosson is a big part in the team’s success, but she knows none of it would be possible without her teammates showing up and showing out.   

“I watch them throw themselves at it every time. They make it very difficult for anyone to get a shot off. For me, my mindset is like if they’re going to do that, the least I can do is save the ones that get off,” McCrosson said.   

This mentality is reinforced after the game. The team is bigger than one player. So, taking the time to acknowledge a teammates’ great game and give recognition boosts their overall confidence. Mann believes this has benefited the whole team, especially positions that don’t get as much attention.   

“Every game we win the entire team votes on who they believe played the best and contributed the most. I think that it is a good way for someone to stand out and build their confidence,” Mann said. “Most of the time the defense and goalies are overlooked because they aren’t the ones to score winning goals, for once they are able to get the recognition from the team. This year is so different than past years and if anything, it’s my teammates that are the reason I am playing better.”  

As the team heads into semi-finals, Idland and the team have one thing in mind: keep doing what you’ve been doing.   

“I think the focuses for Maddy and the team in the postseason are really as simple as making sure that we bring the same qualities and characteristics to those games as we did to the regular season SUNYAC games,” Idland said. “Being difficult to play against and stingy in front of our own goal are two of those qualities and Maddy obviously plays a big part in that for us.” 

Cossin is excited to head into the post season and see how far the team can go. Post season can become stressful for some teams, but the Golden Eagles are taking it moment by moment.   

“I think it’s key that we don’t overcomplicate it and we really focus on just showing up with the best version of ourselves, ready to go do our thing. We take it practice by practice, one game at a time and just go out there and do what we love to do together,” Cossin said. 

As McCrosson and the team head into the biggest games of the season, they are staying focused and looking forward to having fun while battling it out on the field for the SUNYAC championship title.   

“My family has this saying before every sporting event that we’ve ever played,” McCrosson said. He tells us to ‘have fun and don’t suck.’ I try to remember that. If you’re having fun, it doesn’t really matter what happens after that.” 

Photo credit: Liv Metz
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