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About The Stylus

The Stylus is SUNY Brockport’s student run newspaper, produced by a hardworking staff of contributing writers and editors who work together to produce up-to-date local news content. The Stylus serves to inform the students, faculty, staff and community about local news. Newspaper copies are printed and distributed twice a month on Wednesdays throughout the academic school year, while web articles are posted daily on the web.

Newspapers are distributed across campus at Hartwell Hall, Morgan Hall, Lanthrop Hall, Lennon Hall, the Rakov Center, Smith Hall, Seymour College Union, Edwards Hall, Brockway Dining Hall, Holmes Hall, Hazen Health Center, A.W. Brown Building, the Allen Administration Building, the Tower Fine Arts Center, the Liberal Arts Building and Harrison Dining Hall.

Additional copies are distributed in the Village of Brockport at the Grinds 122 Café, Java Junction Coffee Roasters & Bakery, Lift Bridge Book Shop and the Brockport Diner.

The Stylus office is located in the basement of the Seymour College Union.

The content created and distributed by The Stylus is based on editorial decisions made by the staff and does not reflect the views or opinions of SUNY Brockport, operating without oversight from the college.

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